Our milk is gently pasteurised and non-homogenised and has all the richness that farm fresh milk should. 
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We are the Beattie family. Norris and his father Rob purchased the Ballin Farm, Delvin, Westmeath in 2003. The pedigree herd known as Delasheen Holsteins was born from Rob’s half of the noted Leisheen herd, from the home farm at Manorkilbride in Wicklow established by Norris’s Dad, Rob and his uncle George. Milk production has been carried out at Leisheen since 1924 and great emphasis has always been placed on breeding long living,productive cows with strong frames and very good udders. With much hard work the herd has grown from 60 cows to 150 averaging in excess of 10,500kgs at 4.10% fat and 3.33% Protein. Norris and Alison married in 2009 and soon became a family of five with Alexandra, Harry and William. We are proud to say we are the 3rd generation in our family to milk cows and hope to continue for many more years to come! As many will know we are passionate about all things dairy from our prize winning herd of 150 pedigree Holstein cows as part of the North Eastern Holstein Club. Our herd is Bord Bia Quality Assured so this means the milk we produce is audited on a continuous basis with strict and extremely high standards in all aspects of what we do.

Our Products

Farm Fresh Milk & Milkshakes

Our milk is gently pasteurised and non-homogenised and has all the richness that farm fresh milk should.  Enjoy the indulgent, delightful flavour of fresh, whole milk or why not mix it up with one of our alternating flavoured milks. 

There are over 40 flavours on offer and will change on a weekly basis. Flavours to get excited about include Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, White Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Biscotti, Blueberry Muffin, Bubblegum flavour, Rhubarb and custard, Honeycomb, Mint Chocolate, Irish Cream, Chocolate Orange and Hazelnut Chocolate. Use within 3 days of purchase.

Reusable Glass Bottles

This is your sustainable way of reducing your single use plastic usage. Please ensure you thoroughly wash your bottle after each use before you refill.

For Goodness Sake

Milk and dairy products forms part of the Department of Health’s guidelines for healthy eating. The matrix of nutrients in milk contributes to the normal functioning of many processes in our bodies. 

  • Milk Vitamin B2 Energy metabolism
    Reduction of fatigue
    Nervous system function
    Normal Skin
    Normal vision
  • Milk Vitamin B12 Energy metabolism
    Reduction of fatigue
    Red blood cell formation
    Immune system function
  • Milk Vitamin B5 Energy metabolism
    Reduction of fatigue
    Mental performance
  • Milk Protein Muscle growth
    Bone development

Source: EU Register of Nutrition an dHealth Claims made on foods.

  • Milk Calcium Bone development
    Healthy teeth
    Muscle function
  • Milk Phosphorus Bone development
    healthy teeth
    Energy metabolism
  • Milk Potassium Nervous system function
    Blood pressure
  • Milk Iodine Cognitive function
    Thyroid function
    Growth in children
    Normal skin

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